Friday, 20 September 2013

An anniversary walk at Glenariff

Today, it was the 22nd wedding anniversary. Hubbie took a day off (woo, hoo!).  There was talk of a shopping day, but it did'nt really entice me.  Anyway, we decided to go to Glenariff Forest Park, which is where we went 22 years ago, the day after our wedding. The weather was great, however, a lot of the forest trails were closed due to either snow damage from April or the disease which hit a lot of trees this year.  Anyway, we managed to do one trail and see one waterfall..... it is beautiful and only a few mile up the road.

Almost as good as 22 years ago, of course, we both have a few extra ponds on us.  Anyway, today was the perfect day for wearing my Jamie Christina Sol Hoodie.  This is a great pattern and I will definitely be making it again, it was a pdf pattern which I really like.  Sort of goes against the grain because they use up quite a bit of paper to print out (not very 'eco') but I love the fact that you have it there and can make multiple sizes if you so desire.

I made it in blue fleece from, which was a bit more pricey for fleece, but it is gorgeous, very cosy and great quality.  I wasn't too sure about the cuffs with their little thumb holes but the other morning they were great when there was a nip in the air (but really too early for glove-wearing(

I also trimmed it with Amy Butler ribbon, which really was an indulgence.  I thought it might have been a bit 'twee', but I actually really like it. When you consider that functional, sporty fleeces average about £100, and mine cost approximately £25, I think I did quite well.

Hubbie also had his fleece on today that I made a while ago. His was a Kwik Sew pattern 3817, the fleece was from @ukfabricsonline, a navy fleece (a little bit cheaper than mine but very warm) and the pattern was a quick make.  Overall he is very pleased.

There you go..... all fleeced up on our anniversary!  Shucks.

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  1. I do love a good thumbie-sleeve on a cold day :)