Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Just to continue on my autumn of berry shades, I have now finished my little waistcoat.

This was the project I had bought in July as a possible 'en vacance' project.  Thankfully the weather was way too hot to even think about knitting, so it only got started in September.  As it was meant for a 'knit on holiday' it was a very simple knit.  There was no shaping, no cables or other fancy stitches, all knit in stocking stitch.  I chose to knit the cropped version and it is quite a good length for cropped. (I have a long back).  The thing I like most is, of course, the pockets .... highly useful.

Overall I am pretty pleased and I think it will get some wear on those 'at home' kind of days, very cosy and will go with quite a few of my tops.

Pattern : Sirdar cropped cardigan 9662
Yarn : Sirdar Folksong Chunky shade 384 Paisley.

Now I can concentrate on finishing the Winthrop cardigan from Kelbourne Woolens that I started probably about March time and abandoned:
1.  Because spring came (it's a heavy yarn) and
2.  I had got to the 'yoke shaping' bit and as this was my first entire circular knit garment, I thought I would dwell on it a while.  Oops.
It is nearly finished so I should really just focus on it.

In the garden, still on the purplish theme, we now have these

I think most of what I grew this year was purple, so not only do they look pretty good, I think, but they have more nutrients. (All purple veg have anthocyanins and carotenoids to protect your cells and heal the body, sorry but I am a nutrional advisor)

These are 'Rubine' brussels sprouts, seed purchased from +Sarah Raven.

We are nearly at the end of autumn, so maybe a subtle change of colour scheme is in the offing.

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