Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sewing and Knitting Plans 2014

(Megan Nielson Briar top made for my sis-in-law, just trying it on)

It is hard to believe that we are nearly in 2014, where did that year go to?

Anyway after my 2013 summaries in the previous posts, I have come up with some resolutions:

Sewing Plans/Aims 2014

1.  Refrain from buying any more fabric for a while, try and make a dent in what I already have, although I see the release of Hapi by Amy Butler is eminent and she has some lovely voiles and linens.
(remind myself of the weather here)

2.  Generally make less items than in 2013, aiming for that ten-item wardrobe I read about in Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott. (more about that later)

3.  What I do make, try and be a little more ambitious in terms of achieving a good fit, making more fitted items in woven fabric and not always doing the quick-fix make.  This year I did make more stretchy jersey items which are quick to make, but there was a gap in my wardrobe for such items, so I think I can sort of justify it.

4.  Embrace buttonholing & not be 'afraid' of botching a garment over the head of buttonholes.  Part of this is to do with the fact that I can't find the manual for my 16 year old sewing machine, but I think I have 'got' buttonholes now, just need more practice.

5.  Be more selective in choosing which patterns to purchase.  Sounds obvious, make what suits me, both my shape, my style and lifestyle, oh and age.  Don't jump on the sewing bandwagon.  I have made from the Japanese dress books, Wiksten Tovas and other tunic type dresses and whilst they are great patterns in themselves, they don't really do a lot for me.

6.  Make a fully functioning pair of trousers, that is, a pair in which the zip works.

7.  Tackle the Colette Clover denim trousers that were abandoned in February because the invisible zip wouldn't go past the waistband seem (too much fabric, I'm thinking)

So those were the general resolutions, now for the specifics.

Things I want to sew in 1st half of 2014

So I have chosen colours for spring/summer 2014, you can just about see them above, pale grey, bright red, deep blue, baby blue and purple.

1.  Perfect A-line Skirt with hip pockets.

2.  Trousers preferably wide leg or palazzo (maybe Colette Juniper)

3.  Culottes (Megan Nielson Tania culottes in longer length)

4.  A spring jacket/coat.

I think definitely the Papercut pattern for the bomber jacket.

5.  2 dresses

6.  2-3 button down blouses

7.  1-2 sweatshirt/pullover

8.  1 cardigan (in New Zealand merino or ponte knit)

Probably this is a little bit ambitious because these items are more involved but no harm in having goals.


1 cardigan
1 sweater
Knitted gifts for others (need to start that now for next christmas!)

I have so many beautiful patterns faved on ravelry and actual paper patterns & books, but not enough hours in the day available for knitting.  So will have to decide.

So there you go, that's my plans, whether they will come into fruition is yet to be seen, I can but try.

Next time I will be sharing my experiences in 'allowing' myself to go gray... yikes.

Happy New Year!

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