Sunday, 16 March 2014

Loving Coco

Part of my sewing resolutions for 2014 was to sew more fitted woven items and less jersey items.  This was partly because last year I sewed a lot of stretchy things and also because I want to try and acquire more practice and skills in techniques like putting in zippers and achieving good fit.  So far I haven't really achieved this... oh well. 

Also it's tricky when patterns are being created by all these great indie pattern designers and let's face it, there is nothing perks you up more than a nice quickly made dress.  And so, I succumbed to Tilly's Coco pattern.

This is yet another one of those patterns that I am likely to return to again and again.  It can either be a dress or a top with a round neck or one with a slight cowl neck.  It really has a lovely overall shape.  Normally I tend to wear more straight styled clothes, but I really like the more A-line almost flared shape of the skirt.  I might have to try the Miette skirt pattern too now.

I had purchased this black and white stripe ponte jersey at my local fabric shop,Craftswoman, thinking of some sort of Breton style top or dress and the girl serving me said that it made her dizzy (this was after she had cut it).  So having seen a lovely red with black and white stripe dress on pinterest I thought that was the way to go whenever Tilly produced her pattern.  I see Tilly also had a similar version just this week (I had already started mine, honest).  I have to add though that I get were the girl in the shop was coming from... it was quite dizzying cutting the fabric out.

As you can see I went for the red bodice as opposed to a red yoke (like Tillys).  I cut the size 6 for the top part of the dress and tapered in to size 5 in the skirt part.  I probably could have taken it in another bit from the hips down but I quite like the flared skirt. It's actually a very balancing shape for someone like me who has broad shoulders.  Now why didn't I think of that before? I could be acquiring more flared skirted things this year. The pattern instructions are A1 (I have the pdf version) and I'm sure the paper pattern is lovely with the coloured photograph instructions too and would be an ideal way to start sewing with knit fabrics.

Spot the new red ballet pumps specially to go with my Coco.

This is the sort of dress you just throw on, a great addition to the spring wardrobe. I might have to look at my hem a bit (seems to dip slightly at the back) but other than that I love it.  I have a non-stretchy merino lined up for the top version.  Then maybe I will get to my fitted woven dress project.

I will leave you with a nice sunset from the kitchen window.

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